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Prince Kanpara

Would like & Expect to find the Too Best - Fast and Sure Treatment from specialist for the situation of Autism / ADHD / Hyperness.

I am Mr. Paresh Kanpara from Ahmedabad - Gujarat - India

I have One Child name of Prince Kanpara. ( Date of Birth – 14-July-2005 )

Symptoms of Prince:
1. His sense of hearing is completely normal.
2. He can shouts and speak one - one letter hardly. But he can't speak the whole word or sentence.

Yet i don't get 100% sure diagnosis for my child, i met many number of specialist in Allopathic / Homeopathy / Ayurveda Unani / Therapist / Traditional Healer for the same, everyone gave me different diagnosis / Treatment for my child, No one gave me 100% sure diagnosis / Treatment.

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